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"Empowering People to Live an Inspiring Life Through Music"
Harmony, movement, stage presence, empowerment, confidence, fun – the smallest student can expect the biggest experience 


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Let Human Harmony assist you with your musical journey! From active stage presence to technique


what our clients are saying......

"Hear ye! Hear ye! Gather round! If anyone is in need of some vocal coaching lessons I have just the person for you. Paul Davis has been a great asset in my vocal experience, showing me some great vocal warmups, and even educating me on vocal health. I've learned some things that I didn't even know could affect the vocal chords, like physical fatigue. And the price to work with him is affordable! Klink klink! So, contact Paul Davis if you are interested in vocal lessons!" 

~ Veronica Moss

"I am so excited to report that I am taking my craft to another level. Starting this Wednesday, I start piano lessons with one of my favorite people Paul Davis.We will also get into songwriting sessions to keep bringing you that heat! Weekly Youtube videos coming soon after" 

~ Real Martin

"One more reason it is going to be a good day.Piano lessons!!!!"

~ Leroy Kym

"Paul Davis is one of few people who does his job with all his heart, and who helps you to grow, improve, and understand the values of your skills. I had a couple vocal lessons with him, and I can say that I will remember them and all he taught me. He helped me to connect my voice to my heart, and that my voice is unique and beautiful in the whole world. Thank you, Paul. If I could I would definitely come to you almost everyday for vocal lessons" 

~ Zina Levinta Curtean

"If you are needing a voice coach check out Paul Davis. He has all the skill and passion to help you get to where you want to be vocally"

~ Aman Chandra

"In a short period of time, the voice training that I received from Paul Davis was great!! He really helped me understand the importance of learning MY voice and using it correctly as opposed to singing something exactly how it sounds in a recording. He helped me with confidence in my abilities and stage presence as well, though I continue to practice those! He's very easy to work with and a very talented musician!"

~ Sadiaa Alexander

"Awesome lesson with my vocal coach, Paul Davis, tonight.This man is stretching me beyond what I thought capable. Thanks for being a blessing Paul."

~ Christy Maganahue

paul davis the crooner

As a Singer, Songwriter and Musician, Paul Davis brings a smooth, creative style to everything he produces.